Madcap CPM Tamper


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The MACAP CPS dynamometric tamper is designed to streamline espresso production by conforming all users to the same tamp pressure. It clicks at the right tamping pressure applying uniform and level pressure to the ground espresso in a group handle. The result is a predictable and consistent extraction; a leap forward in simplifying traditional espresso preparation.

Available in Black 

Macap products are the result of constant refinement and quality craftsmanship since 1930, with close attention to detail, understanding that the perfect shot of espresso relies in part on an excellent grinder. The result of this meticulous process is a sturdy and reliable, professional-grade machine that seasoned baristas and novice users alike can count on.


  • Made in Venice, Italy
  • Durable construction of Stainless Steel and Plexi
  • Clicking action design
  • Adjustable tamping pressure
  • Durable portafilter holder


Dimensions (wxh)66 x 142 mm

Weight0.58 kgs

Constant Dynamic Pressure14 kgs

Tamper diameter plates57 mm

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