ELEA Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1L


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Award winning and widely acclaimed we are proud to introduce you to Elea Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

One of the finest olive oils available in New Zealand, this wonderful product is produced in a small family owned estate on the sun-drenched hills of Greece’s Mani Peninsula.

Owned by the Katsetos family since 1860 the oil is produced using only traditional hand-picked methods. Trees are tended and harvested with great care and the product is exported worldwide in very small amounts. This is a true artisan product.

Golden green in colour, the oil has a full, round body and a strong fruity nose. With a touch of papaya and distinct floral notes, it evokes long summer days and fresh meadows. Luscious and soft, the oil has an underlying sweetness offset with earthy, peppery notes.

Produced using traditional methods Elea is an unfiltered oil. The oil is racked repeatedly (the oil is pumped from the top into a clean container, leaving the sediment and water at the bottom) allowing the sediment to sink to the bottom rather than to filter it. A process that many health experts believe helps retain natural goodness that is lost during the filtering process. 

A world class product, Elea Olive Oil was characterised as among the three most outstanding Greek cold pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oils in the book “The Flavours of Olive Oil” written by the US author Deborah Krasner. Winner of numerous awards, it has also been voted among the three most outstanding specifically for its flavour.

As Mr Katsetos, owner of the Elea artisan product says, “Elea Extra Virgin Olive is the world’s most famous, tasteful, nutritious and heart healthy olive oil brand!”. It's hard to argue with that.

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